Next generation intelligent work lights

Tyri launches next generation intelligent lighting system with Smarteq as development partner

Today, TYRI releases a whole new generation of intelligent work lights based on wireless communication. The product has been developed in close cooperation between TYRI, Smarteq and WSI. The new system, INTELLilight, enables that the system lights communicate wirelessly through new bluetooth technology and can be controlled automatically by light sensors and manually via remote control.

Amongst all new functionalities, lights can be automatically dimmed to prevent the operator in the cabin from the effects of glare, and the ground crew safety can be increased by the ability to affect the work light from outside the machine. The anti-theft function ensures that the lighting system can only be used with devices with the same unique ID.

– This cooperation proves that we are a development partner and supplier for companies with high demands. We have long experience from automotive industry and the ability to combine antenna design, electronic design and production, which is a clear advantage for our customers and collaborators, says Mattias Hellgren, Senior RF Engineer at Smarteq.

– The INTELLilight system is at the forefront of lighting technology for vehicles. The antenna module is a critical part of the product and the collaboration with Smarteq and WSI has succeeded in developing a system that meets high demands on robustness and reliability. It is also open for adapting and changing for future requirements and user features for operators and OEMs, says Christian Wadell, Global R & D at TYRI.

For more information, please contact

Mattias Hellgren, Senior RF Engineer
+46 (0)733 85 92 39

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