Smarteq’s most popular antennas now support 5G

Smarteq’s popular antenna families AllDisc, AllDisc Small, LTE Omni and SmartBlade now also support the 5G band 3,4-3,8 GHz. Although the number of 5G networks in operation is still limited, it’s important for OEMs and IoT application manufacturers to ensure that their system investments are future proof once the system is upgraded to 5G.

High performing, high gain antennas for 5G are especially important for applications requiring low latency in combination with accurate positioning, such as Fleet Management and Autonomous Vehicles. Other applications that are expected to adopt 5G early is for automation of factories and VR applications.

“The evolution from 4G to 5G is happening now and Smarteq have the antenna Products you need! 5G fetures high capacity and ultra-low latency enabling autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, smart cities, machine Learning, AI.

Product family AllDisc, standalone and combination antenna have superior performance not only in 2G/3G/4G but also for 5G operating at 3.4-3.8GHz. The Products Smartblade and “Stick antenna” are also approved to be used for 5G applications.” Says Mattias Hellgren, Senior RF Engineer

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