Smarteq is always looking for new business opportunities and partners. Smarteq has a number of unique features which you might want to consider if you are thinking about contacting us.

Strong product portfolio of rugged antennas
Smarteqs product range has been designed to meet the highest demands for quality and reliability. Our products are often selected by customers who need antennas that will perform under rough weather conditions under a long period of time. Good examples of customers are Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, John Deere forest machines but also high end luxury cars like Bentley. Other areas were Smarteq products are selling well is automatic meter reading, M2M applications and outdoor products to enhance connectivity for mobile broadband.

Strong market position in northern Europe
Smarteq is a Swedish company based in Kista, Stockholm. Kista is the centre of the Swedish IT and telecom industry. Sweden is a member of the EU and our customers are mainly European. Working with Smarteq will give you an immediate access to the European market were we have sales offices in both Kista for the Scandinavian market and in in Eindhoven in the Netherlands for continental Europe.

Smarteq has high quality in all processes
Smarteq is certified according to ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Smarteq has developed products for Volvo, Volkswagen AG, Audi, Renault Trucks, Landis+Gyr and Bentley among others which proofs that Smarteq has the ability and capacity to develop products for customers with demanding quality systems.

Smarteqs strategy is vertical integration
Smarteq wants to develop the company through vertical integration. This means that we are interested in M&A with companies both within assembly and companies that develop products that are connected to antennas such as cables, routers and software. If you have ideas in these areas please contact us for a non-committing discussion.

Smarteq has a well-developed supply chain
Smarteq’s works mainly with contract manufacturers in Shanghai, China and Taipei, Taiwan who are managed by our team in Allgon Supply, a sister organization in the Allgon group in charge of group supply chain. For efficient logistics around the world, Allgon Supply also manages the global freight suppliers and local warehousing services.

Via Allgon Supply’s in-house production facility in Tianjin, China and local resources for China/Asia sales support and customer technical support we also bring new technology capabilities to our existing and new customers providing an excellent balanced supply base for highest quality, competitive cost, scalable volumes, global logistics and short lead times.

If there is a match between Smarteq and your company please contact us and let us see if there is something mutual beneficial we can do together.

Yasemin Heper Mårtensson
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Sten Hildemar
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