Smarteqs solution for improved communication with 3G/4G modems and routers.

As mobile broadband is becoming more and more common the demands for higher speed and better coverage is increasing. On the internet new features and services are added constantly and this drives the demand for better connectivity and better antennas. Smarteq has launched a series of ready-made packages that easily can be installed to enhance data speed and stability.

As coverage differs between locations it is becoming more accepted that end users might need to connect an external antenna to the modem or router to maximize the internet experience. In our home market, Sweden, two of the major operators have selected Smarteq as a preferred supplier and our antennas are available in their webshops and their physical stores. This is a recognition of the products high quality and reliability.


Our Consumer Products:

City Antenna

Discreet indoor antenna for your home.

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Portable Antenna

Portable antenna, the perfect choice when you are travelling

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House Antenna

Directional antenna for permanent installation at your house.

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Boat/Caravan Antenna

Omni directional antenna for permanent installation on mobile homes.

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