General Details

The house antenna is intended for fixed installation. It is a directional antenna so you will need to point it in the right direction. This antenna has a big amplifying effect and will improve connectivity, speed and reliability a lot. This antenna is mostly used outside big cities where coverage often is weaker.

Technical Specifications

Operable in 2G/3G/4G

  • Frequencies: 698-960MHz / 1710-2690MHz
  • Gain:
    • 8dBi (698-790MHz)
    • 11dBi (790-960MHz / 1710-2690MHz)
  • Installation:
    • On a wall with included wall bracket or on a pole (Ø35-54mm)
    • The antenna needs to be pointed towards closest base station for optimal performance.
  • Cable: 10m, RG223
  • Connector:
    • SMA-m (suitable for most routers)
    • Adapters for CRC-9 and TS-9 included (suitable for most USB modems)


Video House Antenna

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