Volvo Trucks, the new FH-series

In 2008 Smarteq was nominated to be the exclusive antenna supplier for Volvo Trucks all new heavy truck series, FH. The development of the new truck platform was to become one of Sweden’s biggest indu­strial projects in recent years. The new truck was to succeed the old FH which was first launched in the 1990´s. The demands set by Volvo were high, the antenna platform should handle many different RF-standards, match Volvos design manual, be easy and time effective to mount and be secured for future applications.

The Smarteq design team started to work on the project in close collaboration with Volvo Trucks engineers. Smarteq designed a platform which is flexible regarding all RF-standards used today and yet it is possible to add new standards tomorrow. The Smarteq design team managed to come up with an all new technique for mounting the antenna on the roof of the truck. The solution has been patented by Smarteq. The new mounting system simplifies the installation on the production line and minimizes room for errors.

The truck project was delayed and it was not until 2013 Volvo Trucks launched the new FH-series. The FH-series represents a new high technological truck and sets a new standard in communication for trucks. During 2014 the volumes were ramped up and the Smarteq antenna platform Volvo uses is also used by Renault Trucks. Renault launched their new heavy truck 2014 and it was rewarded the "Truck of the year" reward at the IAA in Hannover.




Bentley, concealed antenna system for satellite radio

Bentley is an OEM customer that Smarteq has been working with for many years. Bentleys demands for high quality and high performance antennas in smaller volumes suits Smarteqs business model. The high end premium cars that are manufactured by Bentley must meet the highest standards in communication and infotainment.

In 2014 Smarteq was nominated to develop the new SDARS antenna for different Bentley models. SDARS is the most used system for satellite radio in the US with 23 million listeners every day. For design reasons the antenna has to be concealed inside the body of the car and this is the most difficult part of the project. SDARS antennas are usually located in a shark fin on the roof of the car.

The Smarteq design team started working on this new antenna and after months of different designs and testing they reached a technical solution that meets the specifications. The solution will be implemented by Bentley during 2015. Once again our unique technical ability and the fact that we are a fast moving small organization have made a difficult project possible.






AMR – Automated Meter Reading

Smarteq has been working within the AMR segment since 2008 and has delivered over a million of antennas for roll-outs in various countries. 95% of the delivered volumes are in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. So far there has not been a single claim regarding these antennas. The roll-outs are driven by two EU directives that states that member countries shall ensure that systems with smart meters are installed to help end-users to actively participate in the electricity and gas markets. For electricity meters, at least 80% of the users by 2020 should be equipped with intelligent metering.

The business structure is divided by long-term project-based business depending on individual countries roll-out plans and regular run-rate business in terms of additional continuous volumes needed for the aftermarket and service operators.

Smarteq has experience and top quality products for this market segment Smarteq delivers external antennas to different kind of meters and to different partners.




Securitas Direct/Verisure

The mission of this project was to secure safe alarmsignals wireless. The applications are used in many different types of locations where reception quality varies. The idea was to deliver an alarm system that was fail proof.

The Smarteq R&D team worked together with the customer to develop and prepare production of a concept based on “off the shelf” products for different areas and environments. The installations were too be made in industrial buildings, stores and private homes so the task was to make sure that the right antenna was available for all possible environments.

Smarteq developed a concept which enabled Securitas / Verisure to choose from three different antennas covering different frequencies depending on coverage at the specific site where the alarm was to be installed.





Forestry Machines

The problem presented to Smarteq by Skogforsk (a Swedish institute for forest connected research) was to improve the conditions for communication to and from heavy vehicles working in remote forest areas with poor connectivity. The Smarteq R&D team realised that the antenna to be developed needed a low profile and flexible configurations. The project was partly (50%) sponsored by Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation System and 50% from industry partners.

Working with KTH (Royal Technology Institute, Stockholm), Skogsforsk, Stora-Enso, Sveaskog, SP Statens Forskningsinstitut as well as John Deere, Smarteq developed the antenna LPCA. This antenna is second to none since it has multi functionalities and the mechanical design ensures that it cannot be damaged by trees and branches which easily can cut of ordinary rods which up to now has been the preferred solution.

Among the customers who has chosen Smarteqs low profile solutions are John Deere, Komatsu Forest, Ponsse and Ecolog to mention a few.