Where to buy

Would you like to become a Smarteq distributor?

Please, contact us at info@smarteq.se and we will inform you about criteria for appointed partners and distributors within our network.

Where to Buy

Smarteq has a network of distributors covering more than 20 countries. Please find your nearest distributor on the list below.
If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us at info@smarteq.se or direct to anyone in our sales team.

Country Company Name Web Adress
Global Distrelec Group AG www.distrelec.com
Austria Kathrein Digital Systems www.kathrein.tv
Baltic States Baltronic Oå www.baltronic.com
Belgium Deltronic NV/SA www.deltronic.be
China Nanjing Shunmei Sc. & Tech. Co. Ltd www.shunmey.com
Croatia Panos Ing D.O.O. www.panosing.com
Czechia AEC Eltech s.r.o
Denmark WS Kommunikation  A/S www.ws.dk
Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Xceltra MEA www.xceltra.com
Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Xceltra ME FZE www.xceltra.com
Finland Intensa AB www.intensa.se
Finland Tele-Tukku Oy www.shop.tele-tukku.fi
France Smarteq France www.smarteq.fr
Germany Seamcom GMBH & Co. KG www.also.com
Germany Selectric Nachrichtensysteme GmbH www.selectric.de
Israel Aluma www.aluma-its.com
Italy Kathrein Italia S.R.L www.empresite.it
Japan Avnet Internix K K www.avnet.co.jp
Japan Suntech Japan www.jsuntech.co.jp
Malta Hetronic Malta www.hetronic.com
Netherlands KommaGo www.kommago.nl
Norway Carant Norge A/S www.carant.no
Norway Tinex Group AS www.tinexgroup.no
Oman SKT www.sktllc.com
Poland Alan Telekomunikacja Sp. z o.o. www.alan.pl
Poland Kathrein Poland SP.Z.O.O. www.kathrein.pl
Poland Wachowiak & Syn s.c. wachowiakisyn.pl
Romania Romkatel S.R.L. www.romkatel.ro
Spain/Portugal ESB Sistemas Espana S.L. www.esbsistemas.com
Spain Artsys Telecom www.artsys.es
Sweden Malux Sweden AB www.malux.se
Sweden Lanside AB
Sweden Techship AB www.techship.com
Sweden NoWire Nordic AB www.nowire.se
Sweden Brightstar 20:20 (SWE) AB www.brightstar-2020.se
Sweden EG Electronics AB www.egelectronics.com
Sweden Kjell & Co Elektronik AB www.kjell.com/se
Sweden Ingram Mi. Mob Sw. AB c/o Centr.Acc se-new.ingrammicro.com
Switzerland Kathrein Schweiz AG www.kathrein.ch
Switzerland dotSourcing SARL www.tom-ic.com
Turkey Mikrolink www.mikrolink.com.tr
UK Embedded Antenna Design Ltd www.ead-ltd.com
UK Solid State Supplies www.sssltd.com
USA Stargent Networks www.kathreinusa.com
USA C5 Wireless  www.c5wireless.com
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