Smarteq extends GNSS navigation support in its three leading antenna platforms

Smarteq upgrades the highrunners SmartDisc Combi, AllDisc Combi and LPCA with extended support for GNSS navigation systems – GPS, Glonass and Galileo (GPS: L1, Galileo: E1, Glonass: L1).

This enables the possibility to use multi-system navigation for higher accuracy and increase reliability in e.g. geofencing, fleet management, track and trace, navigation, load handling and time stamp.

Used in e.g. emergency vehicles, foresty machines, constructions equipment,and other Commercial vehicles – cranes, forklifts etc.

The GNSS is Adapted to fit in the combination antenna platforms – SmartDisc Combi, AllDisc Combi and LPCA family.

For more information or inquiry, please contact

Göran Sandström, VP Sales and Marketing
+46 (0)732 34 48 85

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