Customer Segment:


Market-leading provider of high performing, robust and reliable antenna solutions

Our main customers within this segment include antennas for smart metering, charging poles for electrical vehicles, and back-up batteries.

The Nordics have been at the forefront of smart metering (electricity) since roll-outs commenced in Finland and Sweden in 2006, and Smarteq has delivered antennas for smart metering basically since the start. Smarteq is now the market-leading antenna provider in this region, and so far we have supplied millions of antennas in this segment. Also, in the current roll-out in Norway, Smarteq is delivering a major share of the antennas.

We have built a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. We provide a proven range of reliable, high-performing products, which fulfill most needs for customers in this segment. For unique customer demands, we have a fast and flexible product development team and short development times to provide customizations of existing products, or completely new antenna solutions. We also have antennas working well for smart meters for water and gas. We feel very excited about working in this tremendously important and growing area. In addition, we believe it will also have a positive impact on our environment by optimizing energy consumption.

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