Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

Smarteq develops and sells antennas within the Vehicle, Energy and Industrial segments globally. It’s important to us to conduct business responsibly and in a sustainable way. We therefore work with a long-term approach and close collaboration with customers and partners. We are convinced this contributes to growing our business too.


The Smarteq team always tries very hard to do things right the first time to ensure high quality and lowest possible impact on the environment in our processes, products and organization. Our excellent quality performance is a result of our structured way of working and the robust and reliable design of our products.

As being a tier 1 supplier to the global automotive industry for over forty years, Smarteq has great experience of fulfilling the highest quality and environmental requirements and expectations. We have long experience and good knowledge of working with PPAP, APQP, FMEA, MSA, IMDS, SPC, 8D and EDI/Odette. This experience and knowledge is also applied in our other two business areas; Industry and Energy.

Smarteq is certified according to the international standards IATF 16949 and ISO 14001. A thoroughly documented Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) is implemented throughout the organization and serves as a guideline for all activities within the company. We are continuously challenging ourselves to improve our QEMS and our product range. The QEMS is regularly audited by an ac­credited third party to make sure all requirements in the standards are fulfilled and that the system is continuously improved.

Smarteq Certificate ISO 14001

Smarteq Certificate IATF 16949



Working globally with the automotive and telecom industry brings a considerable responsibility in working with social and economic sustainability, and in conducting business responsibly. We work with a long-term approach, collaboration and awareness shall pervade all of our operations.

Long-term approach

Being a company that works with product development entails extended processes and major investments from owners and financiers. Daring to take a long-term approach and maintaining financially sound operations vouches for successful business. Our products will most likely be in the market for 10 to 15 years. Having a long-term mind-set with regards to sustainability and management secures customer and owner value over time.

Close collaboration

Working with product development and lasting concepts affords us the privilege of numerous and important partnerships with both public and private sector organisations, large and small. We are careful to maintain positive and respectful relations with suppliers, consultants, universities and anyone else with whom we come into contact in our daily operations.


All our business decisions should be conscious, clear and long-term. We should always consider the impact on society of our actions.

Business ethics

All of Smarteqs partners should feel secure in the fact that the company behaves in a professionally correct manner at all times. A transaction with Smarteq shall be pervaded by respect, sensitivity and professionalism.

Smarteq opposes all forms of corruption and bribery. Procurement and purchasing of goods, services and contractors shall always be carried out on businesslike terms and in competition where that is motivated. No contracts or agreements exist that serve our personal interests or those of people or organisations closely related to or associated with us.

Gifts, entertainment and travel always adhere to currently applicable regulations and are always commercially motivated.


Smarteq nurtures its employees’ integrity and equality. Each employee should feel secure in that he/she will be treated with respect and fairness. The company actively promotes the individual employee’s opportunities to combine a career with family life.

All employees respect one another personally and professionally.

All employees should be able to feel proud of the company and serve as the operations’ foremost ambassadors both during and outside working hours.

All employees shall have the competence required to be able to assess and handle the sustainability aspects involved in their area of responsibility.


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