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3183.0X.00.00+ Antenna Rod

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3183.0X.00.00+ Antenna Rod


Flexible wire antenna rods, which bends instead of breaks, when an obstacle is encountered. The supported frequencies are 27 MHz, 68-88 MHz, 88-108 MHz and 145-170 MHz, which corresponds to CB-Radio, Forrest Radio, FM Radio, and VHF. The rods are commonly used in vehicles that are highly exposed to rough conditions, such as harvesters for the forest industry, logging trucks, ambulances etc. The rods fit with Smarteq antenna bases ANT, Base 1123, Base 1131, Base 128 and Base 2500.


  • Frequency: See datasheet for specific part numbers
  • Type: Quarter
  • Gain: 2dBi
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • VSWR: 1.5:1
3183.01,02,03,04_550126E Antenna Rods 27 MHz 68-88 MHz 88-108 MHz 145-170 MHz
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