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710106 / 710107

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710106 / 710107


710106-2 and 710107-2, WiFI 6E terminal tri-band swivel antenna designed to be used on WiFI devices such as access points and gateways. Could also be used for other communication systems using WiFi 6E frequency bands such as: Gateways, Access points, Routers, EV-chargers, Smart metering and Energy management.


  • Terminal swivel antenna 1/4-wave
  • Operating system: WiFi 6E, Bluetooth
  • Frequency: 2400-2485 / 4900-7200MHz
  • Gain: 5,5/4,5/4,5 dBi
  • Color: Grey or black
  • Gateways, Access points, Routers
  •  EV-chargers
  •  Smart metering
  • Energy management
710106 710107 Terminal Dual Band Swivel Antenna
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