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MiniBlade Antenna

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MiniBlade Antenna


MiniBlade is an adhesive mounted omni-directional ultra-wideband antenna capable of supporting radio system operating in 2400 to 6000MHz spectrum. WiFi, BT, V2X, 5G ready. It is the perfect choice for applications such as indoor WiFi coverage, internet onboard buses and Wifi zones. The superior RF performance enables high connectivity and throughput.


  • WiFi, BT, V2X, 5G
  • 2400 – 6000MHz
  • 2400 – 2485MHz 3400 – 3800MHz 4900 – 5925MHz
  • Easy installations with adhesive mount on glass or other non-conductive surface
  • Slim and flexible design made it suitable for curved surface mounting
MiniBlade Smarteq Antenna
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