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We offer a wide range of high performing antennas for applications within the market segments vehicle, energy, and industry. Our products are well-known to have a robust design and high reliability.

Please find our antennas and datasheets in our product database

In our product catalog, you can find antennas used for frequencies between 27MHz to 6GHz, for outdoor and indoor use, and for external and embedded solutions. All our products meet the highest requirements in their area of use.

Designed in Sweden

Our products are designed in Sweden by experienced senior engineers. Only high-quality material with low environmental impact is used and each product design and related production process has been tested and validated by an extensive quality assurance procedure before the product has been launched to the market.

Most of our antennas can be customized with different cables, connectors, and installation configurations. We also offer an extensive range of different cable assemblies.


If you need technical support to make sure you choose the optimal antenna solution for your application, contact us here.


If you are not able to find a product suitable for your application in our product catalog, read more about our capability to support you with a customized antenna solution here.

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