Season’s Greeting

Season’s Greeting from Smarteq Wireless 2020

We are sending our warmest Season Greetings from Smarteq Wireless AB for a 2021 filled with healthy customers, safe business, and well-being for you all. The rest…prosperity, joy, successful business, growth, and happiness.

We will fix all that together, as long as we keep all of us safe, healthy, and with proper distancing.

2020 has been an unusual year for everybody, no exception. We want to share with you the Smarteq’s unusual happenings from this challenging year.


Smart Metering Roll-outs: Keep the essentials running

Smarteq succeeded in enhancing its strong position within the energy sector even during this crisis, further reinforcing this position by gaining new business with new customers, providing high performing, robust antenna solutions to an essential sector in a world in crisis.

Our key product LP701 is instrumental in delivering the highest demands in performance to our customers, given the outstanding performance and robustness delivered within, making the LP701 the Smarteq-smartest choice for the 2nd ongoing Swedish roll-out, for which Smarteq has already started the first deliveries to major players in the energy industry.


Vehicle-to-Everything: The future in connectivity

Smarteq is also deeply involved in the development of the V2X communications- Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, which allows a vehicle to collect and share information with anything in the environment that affects it (other vehicles, road signs, traffic lights, pedestrians, energy grids, devices, networks and more.) Smarteq is the antenna partner of choice in the ChaseOn research program at Chalmers University and Ericsson, Keysight, Volvo Cars, and RISE.

Applications in V2X are, e.g. Front collision warning, Emergency brake light warning, Slippery road alert, Traffic jam assist, Vulnerable road user, Construction machines/road works, Emergency vechicles approaching.

A breakthrough launch of this technology during 2020 is the nomination of the V2X Smarteq solution to a European vechicle manufacturer, with engineering work already started.


Our Eyes and Ears around the World: The Partner Network.

Following outstanding growth from previous years, our distributor network around the world keeps expanding, entering established markets with new, strategic partners in specialized segments and open possibilities with prime partners in new, exotic geographical areas.

CompoTEK and Peitel in Germany, The Hartner Group in Austria, Innovelec in the UK, and Aluma in Israel have, during this period, joined our network of partners, adding value to our chain of delivery by providing local expertise, extensive knowledge in RF and proven proficiency with our product lines.

Distant locations hard to reach with conventional antennas and tough geographical and climate conditions have also opened new paths for challenging growth opportunities for the Smarteq and Kathrein Automotive Aftermarket portfolio in Australia and South America, which we aim to crystallize during the coming year.


LPCA 10 + GNSS : A Golden Brick

A close, dear partnership and a large hole in the market supply of rugged low-profile combination antennas for the bus segment led to developing a tailor-made LPCA in a custom-sized frequency (380-410Mhz), including GNSS coverage (GPS/Glonass/Galileo).

Trail and validation phase completed, the LPCA10 + GNSS will be ready for serial production by early Q1 2021.

Development of additional exciting variations of our existing products includes an AllDisc 4x Wifi, the LPCA MiMo, and the SmartDisc Combi GNSS and GNSS+. Stay tuned for further details and the launching date after the holidays.


Smarteq’s New Team Member

As we welcome 2021, we would also like to welcome our new team member, Christine Valenzuela, Economy Assistant. Christine studied Entrepreneurship and Business Management, and has previously worked as Accounting Assistant and Data Coder. A big welcome to Christine!

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