Shipments Status April 2022

To our dear Smarteq partners and customers:

We have worked through difficult times, with unforeseen challenges in shipping and logistics impacting our delivery schedule due to the global effects of the pandemic. We have proactively tried to work on active actions to improve the accuracy of our delivery and find alternative paths to mitigate the impact of these recurring delays.

Unfortunately, the ongoing situation in China – with new lockdowns due to the pandemic – new future challenges have arisen. As one of our production sites are amidst this lockdown, our production has been haltered.

We are keeping ourselves updated with any new information regarding the situation in China, but we have foreseen some future challenges which might impact our customers:

  • Due to our production site being closed for the past 2 weeks it might affect already confirmed orders. We ask for your patience and we will keep you updated if your orders are affected by this lockdown.
  • Uncertain delivery dates. For new confirmed orders it should be taken in consideration that delivery date might change once the lockdown is removed. We hope to set a delivery date we can achieve but due to the circumstances this might change.
  • There might occur congestions once lockdown is removed. It will not only create delayed production but also traffic at the harbors and transit points. This will unfortunately cause even further delays.


Your understanding and cooperation as a key partner to Smarteq is of high value which we highly appreciate and cherish.

Thank you for your patience.

Smarteq Wireless AB

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