Smarteq upgrades the AllDisc Combi antenna platform

Smarteq Wireless upgrades the AllDisc Combi antenna platform with one additional 2.4/5GHz WiFi antenna enabling MIMO / Diversity functionallity.

This upgrade enables higher throughput and stability / coverage for WiFi applications used in load handling, material handling, intustrial gateways, onboard sevecies, remote Reading service data log file and remote access.

This appliciations can be used in e.g. Emergency Vehicles, Forest Machines, Construction Equipment and other Commercial vehicles such as cranes, forklifts, buses etc.

Do you want to read more about the upgrade on AllDisc Combi GNSS MIMO WiFi? Click here.

For more information or inquiry, please contact

Göran Sandström, VP Sales and Marketing
+46 (0)732 34 48 85

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