Where to buy

Would you like to become a Smarteq distributor?

Please, contact us at info@smarteq.se and we will inform you about criteria for appointed partners and distributors within our network.

Where to Buy

Smarteq has a network of distributors covering more than 20 countries. Please find your nearest distributor on the list below.
If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us at info@smarteq.se or direct to anyone in our sales team.

Country Company Name Web Adress
Global Distrelec Group AG www.distrelec.com
Austria Kathrein Digital Systems www.kathrein.tv
Austria CompoTek GmbH www.compotek.de
Baltic States Baltronic Oå www.baltronic.com
Belgium Deltronic NV/SA www.deltronic.be
China Nanjing Shunmei Sc. & Tech. Co. Ltd www.shunmey.com
Croatia Panos Ing D.O.O. www.panosing.com
Czechia AEC Eltech s.r.o www.aeceltech.cz
Denmark WS Kommunikation  A/S www.ws.dk
Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Xceltra MEA www.xceltra.com
Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Xceltra ME FZE www.xceltra.com
Finland Intensa AB www.intensa.se
Finland Tele-Tukku Oy www.shop.tele-tukku.fi
France Smarteq France www.smarteq.fr
Germany Seamcom GMBH & Co. KG www.also.com
Germany Selectric Nachrichtensysteme GmbH www.selectric.de
Germany CompoTEK Gmbh www.compotek.de
Israel Aluma www.aluma-its.com
Japan Avnet Internix K K www.avnet.com
Japan Suntech Japan www.speedia.co.jp
Malta Hetronic Malta www.hetronic.com
Netherlands KommaGo www.kommago.nl
Norway Carant Norge A/S www.carant.no
Norway Tinex Group AS www.tinexgroup.no
Oman SKT www.sktllc.com
Poland Alan Telekomunikacja Sp. z o.o. www.alan.pl
Poland Wachowiak & Syn s.c. wachowiakisyn.pl
Romania Telecom World Team S.R.L.www.twteam.ro
Spain/Portugal ESB Sistemas Espana S.L. www.esbsistemas.com
Spain Artsys Telecom www.artsys.es
Sweden Malux Sweden AB www.malux.se
Sweden Lanside AB
Sweden Techship AB www.techship.com
Sweden NoWire Nordic AB www.nowire.se
Sweden Brightstar 20:20 (SWE) AB www.brightstar-2020.se
Sweden EG Electronics AB www.egelectronics.com
Sweden Kjell & Co Elektronik AB www.kjell.com/se
Sweden Ingram Mi. Mob Sw. AB c/o Centr.Acc se-new.ingrammicro.com
Switzerland Kathrein Schweiz AG www.kathrein.ch
Switzerland dotSourcing SARL www.tom-ic.com
Switzerland CompoTek GmbH www.compotek.de
Turkey Mikrolink www.mikrolink.com.tr
UK Embedded Antenna Design Ltd www.ead-ltd.com
UK Solid State Supplies www.sssltd.com
UK Innovelec www.innovelec.co.uk
USA Stargent Networks www.stargentnetworks.com
USA Techship AB www.techship.com
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